July 2nd, 2024

Rent is going up – again

Province allows the highest maximum rent increase for 2025, worsening affordability crisis, in late Friday announcement.

TORONTO – Ontario NDP housing critic Jessica Bell (University – Rosedale) is sounding the alarm over the province’s move to permit the maximum legally allowable rent hike on over a million renter households in 2025.

“It’s never been more expensive to rent or own a home in Ontario, and 2025 is not going to bring any renter relief. After 6 years of Ford, it has never been more expensive to rent or own a home in Ontario. The Conservatives have had six years to fix the housing crisis, and they’ve failed. Their refusal to bring back meaningful rent control and allowing provincial rents to continue rising by three times the rent increase guidelines clearly tell us that they have no intention of making life more affordable for renters. We are in a housing crisis, and it’s time we had a government that acted like it.

Marit Stiles and the Ontario NDP would implement real rent control and get government back to work building the truly affordable homes people need. No one should fear being priced out of their home due to unreasonable rent hikes.”